Cuteness trending on Twitter with hastag #cuteoff


Nature and animal lovers must be following hastag(#)cuteoff on Twitter. If not, then you must. A couple of months ago, someone just posted some critters with #cuttoff that was followed by masses later on. It was some scientist group that started it to have some fun, and now non-scientists are also posting their #cutoff shots. It could be anything from a cute monkey baby to a mite.

After all, every creation of nature is unique. A mite might be disgusting site for many, but there are people who admire this litter parasite for it is unique.
Soon, other hastags like #teamherpetology and #teamfungi begun to accompany #cuteoff.

Again, it’s proved that humans are hardwired to prefer cute faces. If you ever notice, children always love little puppies or kittens as compared to their adult parents. ‘Baby schema’ is what psychologist refers to as the phenomenon responsible for this aspect of human behavior. It’s set of some features such as a round face, big eyes, small nose and mouth etc. According to researchers, the ‘baby schema’ is responsible for the stimulation of protective, care-giving behavior and reduced aggression in adults.

You can relate it to the reason why psychiatrists suggest adopting pets to people suffering with depression.


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