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Cuteness trending on Twitter with hastag #cuteoff

Nature and animal lovers must be following hastag(#)cuteoff on Twitter. If not, then you must. A couple of months ago, someone just posted some critters with #cuttoff that was followed by masses later on. It was some scientist group that started it to have some

Amazing kingfisher

Spectacular images of Kingfisher in action

Kingfisher justifies its name, and it also attracts attention of photographers with its colors, swiftness, and underwater dives to catch fish. The bird is one of the most amazing and unique creations of nature. It’s useless to praise it in words, so you better go

Dark Path by Hanson Mao

12 Marvelous Pictures That’ll Revive Your Love for Nature

Natural landscapes have always inspired greatest artists, poets and writers. But there isn’t a perfect artist than nature itself. With all its creations, colors, moods, shape, and landscapes, nature offers feasts for photographers. Good photographers make the treat even more charming with their skills. For