Finding the Lord in nature: Tennessee treehouse stretches 100 feet into the sky!

Religion is often a volatile topic for public discussion. That is not the way things were intended, but largely the way men and their selfish ways have turned it into. No matter what your personal faith is, all of them point out to the fact that nature is god’s creation and while we will not get into the creation against evolution debate, the gist of it all is that one must respect the world that surrounds him and learn to live with it in harmony. Science or religion, saving the planet and keeping it healthy is a cause everyone approves of. And Horace Burgess, an inspired architect decided that he will embrace nature and spread its goodness with a staggering 97 foot tall treehouse.

The treehouse has been crafted by Horace Burgess with no blueprint whatsoever as he believes that it is god and his inspiration that has spurred him on over the last 19 years and the project of crafting this amazing treehouse is still to be finished. The incredible treehouse sports winding stairs, a bell tower, several rooms and pathways that you can easily get lost in and a spacious central room that can be used as both a chapel and as a basketball court, if needed.

Majority of the equipment used to build the treehouse has been salvaged from scrap and has been recycled and reused. While Burgess says that he initially maintained a tab on how much it cost to build the giant structure, he has now pretty much lost count and says that the figure would be significantly north of $14,000. And while people come from far and wide to visit the treehouse and enjoy its interiors, the process of construction still continues. Burgess charges no fee whatsoever from visitors and while you are free to donate or even buy one of the T-shirts or baseball caps at the stall, it is the grand and imposing treehouse that will ultimately leave a lasting impression.

Sioux City Journal

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