Devastating Flooding Events to be Seen in Chennai, Who’s to Blame?

Chennai is experiencing heavy rainfall and devastating flood events followed by it, which are still affecting thousands of people in the city. The Indian Metrological Department has issued a red alert in coastal districts of Tamil Nadu till November 11, 2021.

This is the heaviest rainfall reported in the city since 2015. As per the officials, there is a high possibility that it would rain the next two days, which might further amplify the flooding in low-lying areas. Local media covered some footages of submerged cars and trees. People are being rescued using rubber boats.

Devastating Flooding Events to be Seen in Chennai, Who’s to be Blamed?

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On November 9, 2021, the Madras High Court criticized Greater Chennai Corporation for failing “to take adequate measures to prevent inundation in the city during rains” and firmly asked the authorities about their work post-2015 floods. The court warned the authorities for initiating suo motu proceedings if the situation doesn’t get under control.

The high court also indicated that the corporation makes the citizens cry for water for half of the year and die in the water the other half. Approximately five people have died in the incident, around 538 sheds and four houses have been damaged.

Chennai is known to experience heavy rainfall events every year. However, experts say that bad urban planning and underdevelopment are the reasons that have led to increasing levels of destruction. Unaffected parts of Chennai are also facing problems such as power cuts that have been put in place to avoid incidents of electrocution.

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Dr. Shekhar Raghavan of Chennai Rain Centre clarified that the flooding events happened mainly because of climate change but mismanagement was at its peak, which is why the situation worsened even more. Various environmental studies have revealed that many coastal regions, including those of India’s, will experience much intense and devastating flooding events in the coming years amid relentless global warming.

Devastating Flooding Events to be Seen in Chennai, Who’s to be Blamed?

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