Drought-Mater is a one-off machine that makes water out of thin air

The water table levels in some parts of the world are going down considerable and due to environmental changes the drought affected regions only wished that they could extract water from thin air. Well, their wish seems to have come true as Terry LeBleu resident Shoals, Texas Hill Country has invented a niche machine called Drought-Master that can extract and filter water from air. This invention paves way for a new kind of technology that can help us in fighting drought and using the natural resources to the fullest as Terry states that air is filled with moisture everywhere and it is a non-exhaustive resource.

Drought-Master works by pulling in the moisture laden air and then condensing it through the generator. Thereafter the collected water is filtered extensively for human consumption. The patented machine works by plugging into an electric outlet and can produce a whopping 5-7 gallons of water in a day which is simply remarkable. Terry had also send the water samples produced by Drought-Master to Stevens Ecology that tested the samples on standards accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association, Association of Analytical Chemists, American Public Health Association, and the Water Pollution Control Federation. The test results showed that water was free from any zinc, copper or bacterial content and is suitable for drinking consumption.

The machine is already out for purchase and comes in 27 different styles; and the price range is from $499 to $519 depending on the model chosen. Well folks the price is a bit high but seeing the future I think Drought-Master is a good investment.


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