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AI-Powered ClearBot is the New Marine Trash-Collecting drone

AI-Powered ClearBot is the New Marine Trash-Collecting Drone

Pollution in the oceans has exacerbated tremendously since the inception of the plastic industry, and humankind, responsible for this contamination, has been working toward making amends. The most recent of these efforts is ClearBot – an AI-powered, solar-powered, self-navigating, marine trash-collecting drone. The leading global

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GE Announces 12 MW Floating Wind Turbine Concept

The Floating Wind Turbine project is one of the most anticipated energy technologies, that GE research featured at the annual ARPA-E Innovation Summit – virtually held from Monday, May 24-27. GE researchers announced the details of their current two-year, $4 MM project through the ARPA-E’s