Reverse Tricycle that you can build for as low as $550

We have seen a number of tricycles or trikes in the past that are flashy and expensive at the same. But here is PV Electric Tricycle that Farrukh Khan from Pakistan has built (at the University of Engineering and Technology) for just under $600 which he has named as Solaron. The unique thing about this trike is that instead of having the one wheel in the front and two wheels at the rear end, it has the chassis in exactly the opposite direction that is two wheels in front and one at the back.

The trike can reach to speeds of around 20 mph is around seven feet long and weighing in at 132 pounds it has a very low ride height. The vehicle is powered by a 24-volt electric motor and 12 volts battery that drives the rear wheel via chain and sprockets. The battery needs to be recharged after 43 miles of traversing and is good for city commuting.

This tricycle is totally environmental friendly and may be available for purchase in the near future as there is further scope for improvement on the trike’s components like the chassis and body components made from aluminium and steel casted material. For those who are already excited about the make of this Tricycle jump straight over to Instructables.


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