Engineering Students at Shadan College Design Solar-Powered Bike

A team of engineering students at Shadan College of Engineering and Technology has designed a solar-powered bike, which is developed with global warming and air pollution in consideration.

Dr. Naseeb Khan, head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has supervised the work of the team, comprising students – Shahariyar Mohammed Khan, Mohammed Yaseen, Mohammed Taher, Mohammed Shoeb, Mautasim Riyaz Khan.

According to Dr. Naseeb, the aim of creating the photovoltaic-powered bike is to make two-wheelers more cost-effective, while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. A new function of the project is that it has a gear system and it may be charged on photo-voltaic vitality or via an electric motor.

Engineering Students at Shadan College Design Solar-Powered Bike

Shadan College students designed a solar-powered bike | Image: Telangana Today

Solar-powered electrical bikes come with built-in photovoltaic solar cells on their wheels or on other parts of the e-bikes, which can charge batteries when parked and during the journey as well.

Explaining the specifications of the project, Shahariyar stated that the photovoltaic electrical bike project includes two other ways of charging a lithium-ion or the lead-acid battery with the 48-volt AC charger, and with solar energy – which is used to power a bike operating on an electrical motor.

Moreover, the team of the tech students is working on further enhancing the bike with features such as decreasing charging time and increasing the mileage.

Shahariyar said,

We wanted to use 92 volts battery instead of 48 volts but owing to COVID-19 triggered lockdown, we could not get one. We are working on fine-tuning the features and upgrading the bike.

With a velocity restriction of 30 to 40 kilometres, the bike can cover a distance of 50 to 60 kilometres on a single charge through 48-volt charger for 3 hours or with photo-voltaic charging for the time period of six to seven hours. The team has spent Rs 60,000 on their project, which started two months ago.

Hopefully, the new invention of the student will inspire the young generation to combat the two biggest foes of the planet – air pollution and global warming.

Via: Telangana Today

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