ERO Concrete Recycling Robot tears down buildings efficiently

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 1

Those monstrous machines (cranes, excavators and bulldozers) and destructive explosives tearing-down humongous structures just like some fragile toy house have always fascinated me. The experience is almost like watching some thrilling action movie. But what comes across as exciting action to most of us is a stressful act for demolitionists. Apart from clouds of dust, the demolition also leaves behind heaps of waste which needs to be taken care of. To give demolitionists a perfect building demolition solution a student from Sweden’s Umea Institute of Design has designed a revolutionary robot that not just demolishes buildings in an energy-efficient way, but also recycles waste.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 2

Omer Haciomeroglu, who won Gold in 2013 IDEA’s Student Designs category designed this robot to provide a smart and sustainable solution to the process of demolition, allowing reuse as much as possible. Dubbed “ERO Concrete Recycling Robot”, the concept is designed to pull down concrete structures without leaving behind waste, dust or separation. The reclaimed building materials can be reused to build new prefabricated concrete structures.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 3

To see how efficiently this robot works, all you have to do is place it strategically in the building so that it can scan the surroundings and determine the best way to perform the demolition task. Using high-pressure water, the robot starts the demolition process and sucks and separates the aggregate, cement and water. The water is recycled back into the system, while the clean aggregate is packed and sent for reuse to nearby concrete precast stations. Even the rebar is cleaned in order to be cut and reused.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 4

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 5

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 6

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