Europe’s first hydro powered bus station set to take shape in Rochdale

While the revolution that is leading us towards a greener and cleaner tomorrow is already under way, the pace at which it is happening might not be enough considering the current energy shortage. While the last two decades have seen a surge in green power, it has been largely related to solar and wind energy, with the former leading the way by quite a long way. But with depleting fossil resources it is absolutely essential to explore other renewable sources as well and hydropower is indeed an excellent option.

While fresh water in itself is becoming a scarce resource, all you need is running water to generate hydropower and Kier Construction has just acquired the rights to the design of the very first hydro-powered bus and tram interchange in all of Europe. The green and clean energy powered interchange will cut down the carbon footprint of the terminal by over a quarter of its current emissions and while it will cost £11 million, the long term pay off is indeed beneficial.

The project is part of the £250m town centre plan and the most important aspect of the project is the way in which it cuts down the interchange’s dependence on grid power. Soaring power rates from the top six firms in the country and escalating energy prices have left many disgruntled in the country. Some have even asked for the rollback of the so called ‘green taxes’ but experts believe that this will help the nation in the long run and cut down its dependence on power from outside. For the Rochdale interchange, hydroelectric turbines will be deployed in the adjacent river to generate 86,000kWh of electricity every year.

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