Fashion Trends Recycled: Redress Founder makes a bold fashion statement in discarded clothes

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What Redress founder, Christina Dean, is currently doing is a bit of an adventure indeed and while for most of us guys it might not really be a big deal, making the wrong fashion statement is a major concern for plenty of girls out there. No one wishes to dress up bad in an intentional fashion and neither is the founder of Redress. But the challenge she has undertaken is to wear only 100 percent dumped clothes that have been reclaimed and from the images that Redress is sharing with the world so far, the idea is definitely a big hit.

The 365 Challenge involves the founder of this sustainable fashion NGO in trying to show the world how much we are throwing away and how perfectly fine most of the things that we discard are. Christina will dress up in reclaimed clothing for an entire year and supported by Friends of the Earth organization in this endeavor, so far she seems to be doing just fine.

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Many will shocked at the stuff that generally winds up in the landfills and those associated closely to this program themselves vouch that they often find clothing with price tags still on and branded stuff that is as good as new. With Honk Kong seeing 216 tons of textiles being part of the city dump and that number going up to as much as 959 tons for a city like London in the year 2011 alone, maybe it makes sense to think a bit longer before you throw away a perfectly good outfit just because you feel bored with it.

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Responsible fashion sense can help reduce both wastage of precious resources and can ease up the pressure on already ‘close to the brim’ landfills. So, next time you throw away clothing, just think about how you can responsibly up-cycle or recycle it, since it is about something a lot bigger than juts your wardrobe!

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