Belgium Government Chalks up Plans for an Artificial Energy Atoll to Store Off Shore Wind Energy

Manmade Island stores alternate energy

One of the major challenges that both wind and solar energy face today is the inconsistency that they bring to the table and while solar power has been able to largely overcome this hurdle thanks to our ability to predict the ‘sunny days’ far more accurately, wind energy is still lagging behind thanks to all this uncertainty. Having said that, the tide seems to be turning in favor of wind power, as scientists across the planet are devising new ways to harness this incredible renewable source. Belgian government is the latest to join in on this green venture.

Belgian cabinet member, Johan Vande Lanotte has apparently introduced a plan in which the government will oversee the building of a large artificial island in the North Sea, which will enable the country to store up on off shore wind energy in the non-peak hours and use it when the demand on the National Grid is at its highest.

The proposed venture is simple enough in theory as excess wind energy is used to pump up water to a 15 meter giant reservoir, which holds the water at this level. When demand for power increases, this water is released through gates to turn turbines and generate energy, just like in the case of dams across the globe. While the idea definitely is bound to work, building such an island 3 kilometers away from the shore will take some doing.

Knowing how Belgians have had to deal with the sea all through their history, it will not surprise anyone if this proposal turns to reality in the near future. Any such innovation ill not only help generate further clean energy for the country, but should prompt other nations to follow on the same green path.

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