Father-Son build a house out of 12,000 empty champagne bottles as dedication to deceased family member  

Recycled Champaign bottles house
Eldar Ilchibayev, a Russian man, and his father have built a remarkable house out of empty champagne bottles as a dedication to his deceased brother. The duo used 12,000 empty bottles that they collected from across the region including recycling centers in a time of two years.

The house located in snowy western Ural Mountains and is now centre of attraction. The place is witnessing large number of visitors, who can’t help but admire the structure.  Eldar had lost his younger brother in a tragedy in 2007 and it was his idea to build a house of champagne bottles.

House made of champaign bottles

The bottles are beautifully filled into a timber frame settled on a base made of stones.

Then the bottles were put around them, and all this was filled with waste matter and concrete. And we put about two, three centimetres of foam plastic between the beams and the bottles,

said Ilchibayev.

Champaign bottle house

Via: Getrussia

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