Flop armchair folds out into a cozy bed

Flop armchair cum bed

Using multi-purpose furniture units at home is a small part of sustainability. As a consumer be conscious toward the environment and use furniture that is sustainable (built from eco-friendly materials) or at least pick mulit-functional units that save you space and even make you environmentally friendly.

Transformer furniture designs are getting popular in urbanized habitats. Small compartments in crowded cities ask for intelligent space management.

Flop armchair cum bed 2

Russian designer Elena Siderova has added a armchair in the list of transformer furniture units – the Flop armchair that folds out to become a one person bed.

Flop armchair cum bed 6

The Flop is made of veneer and upholstery is made of 100% sheep wool material. As a base, it features elastic straps, and offers sufficient space to store mattresses and pillows which are not in use.

Flop armchair cum bed 7

The arrangement is comfortable for a single person and saves a lot of space in a small apartment.

Flop armchair cum bed 4

Flop armchair cum bed 3

Flop armchair cum bed 8

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