Folding Iota toilet: Incredible water & space saving green design

Folding Iota toilet Incredible water & space saving green design 2

Flushing is a routine activity and a toilet is used multiple times in day. Each time, it’s flushed after use, a standard toilet design uses 6 liters of water. That makes it a major concern if anything could be done to reduce this water volume, and for that, a better design is always the most important assistance.

Iota Toilet was designed by Gareth Humphreys and Elliott Whiteley as a final year project when they were studying at UK’s University of Huddersfield. It’s a perfect demonstration of how designing assists sustainability. The toilet is fordable and saves a lot of space (one third of the standard design) and reduce the water usage by more than 50% of what the present toilets do. Isn’t it a revolutionary design that offers water efficiency along with saving so much of your bathroom space?greenest toilet

The design incorporates a built-in U bend which remains intact to waste pipe when not in use, but rearranges itself when the seating part is unfolded. The design ensures air tight connection so there is no chance that the waste will move when it’s folded.

Folding Iota toilet Incredible water & space saving green design

An internal frame with the hinge mechanism assists the toilet to stay straight while the nylon roller bears the user weight.  Presently, the designers have filed a patent application for the design, after which it could be sold for production. This futuristic design suits the bathrooms of the modern houses. We are likely to see it in market in near future.

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2 thoughts on “Folding Iota toilet: Incredible water & space saving green design”

  1. DzhaA says:


  2. paradoctor says:

    This is a truly terrible design, with a fatal chronic flaw and a
    lethal acute flaw. The chronic flaw is that the outlet to the sewer
    cannot be sealed; there must be a gap so the bowl can pivot; and through
    this gap sewer gases will constantly leak. Yuck!

    The acute flaw is when the wussy water-saving flush fails, and you
    have a bowl full of urine, toilet paper and feces. With a normal toilet
    the solution is the plunger; but when the bowl is up, you cannot reach
    inside with the plunger, and when the bowl is down, plunging will merely
    force the mess into the interior of the toilet and then onto the floor.
    Double yuck!

    Thumbs down, nose pinched. Nobody anywhere should ever use this design. Burn the blueprints and go back to the drawing board, with a competent designer this time.

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