Giant Alligator Park in Brazil crafted from crocheted yarns & knotted ribbons

One of the best ways to propagate the green message is to try and spread it with works of art that inspire people, grab their attention and ensure that the word spreads around quickly and in a creative fashion. And the best target audience for this is little kids who are just starting to explore the world around them with abundant inquisitiveness and enthusiasm. Graffiti Knitting might not be very big as of yet in Latin America, but artists from the Northern Hemisphere are already ensuring that heads are turned with their work down south.

And this giant alligator playground in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil by Agatha Olek is a wonderful example of this new art form that is not just brilliant ate painting vivid and striking images, but also uses crotched yarns with knotted ribbons for material. The giant alligator also incorporates some of the local Brazilian art and design elements to create a wonderful fusion between both styles.

Apart from the fact that it uses eco-friendly material for its make, this is also a refreshing change from the concrete jungles that big cities like Sao Paulo have turned into, across the globe. Colorful and creative, the installation obviously has created quite a buzz among the local community. Keep your eyes out thought for Graffiti Knitting in the years to come…


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