Green Trains to Power Most Resource-Rich Region in the World

The greener, the better! Climate crisis has got global recognition and people across the world are trying to come up with greener alternatives to reduce carbon footprint. The Australian rail company, Aurizon has joined hands with British mining giant Anglo American to build a greener freight in the North West Minerals Province in Queensland.

This partnership between the global mining organization and the Australian rail operator aims to replace diesel trains with hydrogen in one of the most resource-rich regions in the world. The area is quite famous and is internationally known for its profusion of mines including copper, zinc, lead, silver, cobalt, nickel, and vanadium.

Green trains on their way to power one of the world's most abundant mining regions

Image: Anglo American

The joint venture of the organizations has launched a feasibility study to check the practicality of deploying the hydrogen technology on Aurizon’s Mount Isa rail corridor. The rail operates between the North West Minerals Province and Townsville, as well as the Moura rail corridor amid Anglo American’s Dawson mine and Gladstone.

According to the peak rail body of the Australasian Railway Association, rail freight is more efficient and better for the environment than road freight as it produces approximately sixteen times less carbon. As per an estimation by the association, just a slight shift of one percent from road to rail in Australia would effectively lessen accidents, emissions and health costs by $71.9 million per year.

The managing director and chief executive of Aurizon, Andrew Harding, said;

Hydrogen is a gas and it can be used as a fuel source. The neat thing about hydrogen is that you can make it from renewable energy, from renewable electricity, that’s why it’s got so much attraction for use in projects that are designed to lower carbon emissions.

Anglo American’s South African coal mine is already acquainted with hydrogen fuel as it is being trialed on haul trucks, therefore the company is all set to apply it to freight trains. In order to achieve the net-zero target by 2050, Aurizon has set aside around $50 million for projects supporting greener and sustainable projects.

Green-Trains to Power Most Resource-Rich Region in the World

Image: Anglo American

Via: ABC News

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