Solar Hydro-Panel Technology to Pull Drinking Water from Air

Water is as essential as breathing and is required by every living creature to survive on this planet. There are numerous natural sources of water such as surface water, under river flow, groundwater and frozen water. But have you ever considered air to be a water source? If not, then there is something you should know. A solar-powered device, SOURCE, is capable of harvesting up to 10 liters of drinking water per day and that too from the air.

You must have studied the science behind it in your early school days. Water exists in a vapor state in the atmosphere – so, by harvesting the aqueous vapor from the air and condensing it into liquid, atmospheric water can be effectively extracted from the thin air.

The self-contained device promises to provide an independent source of drinking water and can turn out to be a boon for drought-stricken regions. The technology is not only apt for drought-prone regions but is also suitable for other parts of the world too.

Solar Hydropanel to Pull 10-Lters of Drinking Water from Air

Image: Zero Mass Water

Similar to this approach, some water generators including WaterSeer got a lot of attention but have not been able to deliver and were very expensive with a lot of complex processes. Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE is a rooftop solar device, which produces water. The company recently announced that SOURCE hydro panel arrays are now available in the US.

The technology works efficiently in almost any climate and day. The company mentioned;

Our array on the Zero Mass Water headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona makes water year-long despite low relative humidity. The Phoenix-Metro area can get below 5% relative humidity in the summer, and SOURCE still produces water in these incredibly dry conditions.

A SOURCE array is made up using hydro panels with panels required for water production. It is capable of producing 4-10 liters of drinking water per day. An onboard 30-liter reservoir is known to mineralize and hold the collected water. No maintenance is required other than annual filter changes including swapping of the mineral cartridge within every five years.

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The SOURCE is as interesting as it sounds and the filtration is also safe. This innovation is indeed a sustainable choice to make!

Via: Treehugger

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