In Netherlands 100 percent of country’s trains are powered by wind

Dutch 100 percent wind-powered trains

Ever since steam engines were replaced with electric trains, travelling by trains has easily been one of the most environmentally friendly mode of public transport. To take this eco-friendliness to highest level of e-mobility, Dutch railways network (NS) has turned all its electric trains into wind-powered trains.

Netherlands has become the first country in the world with 100 percent of its trains running on wind energy.

According to railway company NS, all Dutch electric trains are now powered by wind. The rains are using wind energy generated by turbines owned by Dutch electric company Eneco.

Eneco was awarded a tender by NS two years ago, when the two companies entered into a ten-year agreement, setting year 2018 as the benchmark year to turn all NS electric trains into wind-powered trains.

The two companies have managed to turn 100 percent trains into wind-powered a year in advance, setting an example for other companies and nations to follow.

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NS trains operates about 5,500 trips daily, shuttling roughly 600,000 people to their destinations around the country.

Currently an Eneco wind turbine running for an hour can power a wind-powered train for 120 miles. NS hope to reduce the amount of energy used per passenger by almost 35 percent by 2020.

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