Incredible recycled wire sculptures by artist Richard Stainthorp

recyceld artThe capacity of manifestation of emotions in creative ways gives birth to art. Richard Stainthorp is one of these incredible artists who have found amazing way to show human emotions with just body language of his life –sized sculptures. Mostly, facial expressions are used to convey the theme as they are more apparent. However, body language is something very subtle; a creation of long social, cultural and personal conditioning.

recycled art

It appears that in his works, the hardest part wasn’t to manifest emotion through body, but doing it by using only old, discarded metal wires and junk. What makes them more alluring is the origin of its constituents. Discarded wires are given purpose again, and reduced a little waste that would have ended in landfills.

Richard has been working on these sculptures for over 20-years. Take a look at some of his works. Despite their complex structuring, there is no ambiguity in clarity of theme.

Via: Stainthorp Sculpture

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