Jamaican man builds a cane-loader out of scrap, stuns his fellow farmers

jamaican man builds cane loader out of scrap 1

Michael Hamilton, a man from Duckenfield Community in Jamaica, has shocked farmers working at Golden Grove Sugar Factory in eastern St. Thomas. He was a hopeless fellow until he built a cane-loading machine out of scrap, using his chisel and axe-saw. Hamilton saw the small farmers wishing for machines that could cut down the hardship it takes to load cane from farms to factory.

I hear them talking about it every day. Farmers want machine to load canes. So I said to cane a farmer that I can build a machine to load cane and he took it as a joke and laughed,

Hamilton told to The Star.

Hamilton’s son was the only one who wanted him to build this machine and that proved sufficient for him as motivation.

He confused people around him when he begun to collect scrap metal. People had no idea what he is upto with his chisel and axe saw. His friends got curious and they started to ask him what exactly he was upto. However, when his friends got an idea of what it was, they encouraged him. Hamilton didn’t enjoy a good image when it came to complete anything in life, his friend says.

jamaican man builds cane loader out of scrap

However, this time, to everyone’s surprise, he not only completed his machine but also offered cane farmers some relief from physical exhaustion. Farmers have already started coming to Hamilton asking to load their cane. Now he is the centre of attraction for his home-made machine. What a lovely real life story. Isn’t it?

jamaican man builds cane loader out of scrap 2

This story is enough to prove the point that scrap can be put to use. Recycling and reuse in this case might be driven by lack of resources, but does count as a sustainable attempt. A man, who is not an engineer, built a working cane-loader out of scrap. That implies, there enormous scopes for the resourceful people.

Photos: The Star

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