Kleindienst’s floating villas with underwater master bedrooms near completion

underwater villas for sale in dubai

Underwater homes are a reality now; the real estate agency, Kleindienst Group is about to complete construction of a series of luxurious floating villas just off the coast of Dubai. Part of Kleindienst Group’s ‘Heart of Europe’, the luxurious villas are named ‘floating seahorses’.

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Only 42 such villas are being constructed and out of it 35 are already sold off. A villa is selling for estimated cost of 6.5 million AED ($1.8 million).

underwater villas by  Kleindienst Group

Each villa has three levels – an upper deck over main floor at sea-level with a completely submerged lower level. The underwater level features a master bedroom and floor-to-ceiling windows to provide an uninterrupted view of the deep ocean. Middle level offers a sun deck, indoor living space, kitchen, and dinning room. On the uppermost deck, there is another sundeck, glass-bottomed Jacuzzi, and minibar.

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From underwater master bedroom, one can enjoy clear view of Gulf waters and coral reefs. However, maintenance of underwater level will be a challenging task. The outer surface of the master bedroom will require regular cleaning, and what you see from your bedroom will depend primarily on how clean the ocean water is.

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From ecological perspective, humans have begun to sabotage marine habitat. It’s a interference with marine ecology. Therefore, Kleindienst Group has committed to create artificial coral reef beneath its luxury retreats. Josef Kleindienst, CEO of the company says, “[It] will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.”

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Kleindienst expects completion of villas by 2016, and arrival of tenants by 2017. The construction work faced a delay due to 2008 financial crisis, but has finally recovered from the temporary halt, and is reading every so quickly to host its inhabitants.

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