Nanotechnology water filtration: How it can save lives and environment

Nanotechnology Water Filtration

The United Kingdom is well-known for its rainy days, but has recently seen severe flooding and sink holes. More UK consumers are worried about contamination of their drinking water. The Nanotechnology Water Filtration Technology (NWFT) is one of the latest innovations that has high potential for saving lives and protecting the environment.

What is Nanotechnology Water Filtration?

 A 2012 article in The Guardian stated that nearly 97.5% of water on the planet is useless for the billions of people on the planet. The UK is surrounded on all sides by water, but none of it is drinkable.

Nanotechnology strips the water of toxic metals, hazardous organics and ocean salt to make it safe for human consumption. The most common nano-particles include the following:

  • Biomagenite
  • Carbon
  • Silver
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Titanium oxide

Silver has always been known for its capacity to destroy dangerous bacteria. Some people would place a silver coin in a barrel of water for purification purposes.

How Does Nanotechnology Water Filtration Save Lives?

The BBC reported concerns contaminated water after January 2014 storms led to flooding. Freezing cold, murky, smelly water, which had flooded homes was tested for bacteria. Microbiologist Lance Weaver found high levels of bacteria: a “mega colony.” What would happen if this bacteria contaminated the UK drinking water supply?

Tree roots, broken pipes and flooded intake pumps could all lead to contaminated drinking water. In fact on November 3, 2014, the Independent claimed that cocaine was contaminating the drinking supply due to high drug usage. If drug addicts can contaminate the water supply, what about sick people?

Waterborne bacteria and viruses could kill vulnerable individuals – babies and the elderly. Nanotechnology Water Filtration can remove these dangerous chemicals and save lives.

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Why is Nanotechnology Water Filtration Good For Environment?

Nanotechnology is good for the environment because it is natural. Unlike hazardous man-made chemicals, most of the nano-chemicals are already present naturally in the environment. They would work at the microscopic level to kill dangerous water contaminants.

If you are interested in the Nanotechnology Water Filtration Technology, contact a company like Lagan Water, who specialise in industrial water treatment processes. Don’t waste time – water filtration is becoming a necessity.

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