Paris bans cars after pollutants and smog engulf the city

paris banns cars
To understand the extremity of what man made machines could do to the climate, we have a perfect example from Paris. The City of Love has been forced to ban cars and motorcycles to cut the pollution level in the air. For the last five days, the number of the pollutant particles were detected to have reached a very high level at 180 PM per cubic meter. Now, that’s almost double the normal limit, 80 PM per cubic meter. The city is wrapped in thick smog for over a weak, and the level of pollutants isn’t declining.

According to reports, a thick cloud of fog trapped the pollutants, and due to absence of wind and rain, it’s not dispersing.

Therefore, the authorities had to take this extreme step to prohibit all even number cars and bikes on March 17. The prohibitions will be imposed on the odd numbers on the day after, and it’ll continue in this manner until the level of pollutants doesn’t come down. The restrictions were imposed in the capital along with 22 surrounding areas.
Polluted Paris forces half cars off road
Many motorists, unaware of the restrictions, entered the roads and eventually ended with a ticket of $31. Around 700 policemen are deployed at 60 different points to ensure the new guidelines are followed with strictness.

However, the public transit has been made available for free till the restrictions are on. Also, the hybrid and electric vehicles are free to move as they are zero emission rides. The government has also requested the citizens to explore car sharing programs and arrange the rides to avoid multiple vehicles, if it’s possible. The move of barring the cars from the roads came as an effort to encourage the public to leave their cars back home and use public transport.

The restrictions have faced serious criticism from public as well as from France’s Automobile Club Association (ACA). ACA denounced the step by calling it hasty, ineffective.

Well, this is a hint that we should be switching to electric or hybrid vehicles as soon as we can. Sooner or later, this momentary condition, the smog cloud over the city, is going to haunt populated cities all over the world, prolonging its stay, and to become permanent on some time in future. The overflowing landfills will cover the surface, the pollutants will take over the skies, and heat will rise to unexpected levels.

Via: AFP

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