Parley for the Oceans Created Marine Plastic Trophies for Fashion Awards 2021

Marine debris is one of the main reasons leading to ocean pollution, not only does it pollute the surroundings but can also harm aquatic lives drastically. To deal with the problem of ocean litter, environmental organization Parley for the Oceans has turned marine plastic waste into trophies for this year’s edition of The Fashion Awards.

The trophies were given to winners of the Fashion Awards organized by the British Fashion Council (BFC). These sustainable trophies are black in appearance and are made from around seventy-five plastic bottles. The innovative design aims at inspiring thousands of people regarding the fashion industry.

Parley for the Oceans designed trophies using 3D-printed ocean plastic for The Fashion Awards

Image: Dezeen

The brand mentioned;

The trophy stands as a symbol of change and has a direct impact as the materials are derived from the mega-polluter; marine plastic pollution.

The award ceremony took place last month at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The trophy is made of upcycled plastic waste extracted from islands, beaches and coastlines by the Parley Global Cleanup Network. After marine debris collection, the material is tottered and is transformed into performance polyester yarn. Afterward, it is 3D printed by recycled plastic printers Nagami.

The printing technique used to create the trophy design took its inspiration from climate conference COP26 that concluded earlier this month. The robotic system is efficient to print on demand, worldwide, which effectively contributes to reducing the emission caused due to import and export.

Parley for the Oceans creates trophies from 3D-printed ocean plastic for The Fashion Awards

Image: Dezeen

The trophy is constructed into this sleek look with the help of a robotic arm pipe, and symbolizes a strong message. Its creation is a great initiative towards “eco-innovation”.

The BFC said;

The trophy represents the BFC and Parley’s commitment to encourage positive change within the fashion industry, their efforts to help raise awareness and transparency to promote a more responsible future and encourage the dialogue on environmentally conscious design.

The nominees of the Fashion Awards 2021 not only received sustainable trophies but also revealed some incredible sustainable outfits. Fashion designer Stella McCartney showcased an outfit made using a leather alternative grown from mycelium for Environmental Leaders of Change.

Fashion is not all about dressing up, it is also a way of expressing oneself in the most stylish way possible. The trophy has set a great example for the fashion industry, implying that fashion and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Parley for the Oceans designed trophies using 3D-printed ocean plastic for The Fashion Awards

Image: Dezeen

Via: Dezeen

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