Christmas Tree Rentals Emerging as Sustainable Option for Green Holiday Season

What good is a Christmas without a Christmas tree? But with chopping down a live tree or buying a fake tree, we tend to make a huge mess and have an adverse impact on the environment. You can use your plastic tree for a couple of years but it has to go some time, and you do crave for that alluring smell of pine needles; isn’t it so? The solution – Christmas tree rentals!

Christmas tree rentals have emerged as a sustainable alternative to both tree cutting and fake trees. All across the world, many companies are now renting Christmas trees that you can return to the farm once the holiday season is over. This method ensures that firs and pines are being used to the fullest extent, and you can keep using the same tree for many years.

Christmas Tree Rentals Emerging as Sustainable Option for Green Holiday

Image: Bill Sevier/The Tulsa World

Most firms rent you potted trees that customers can take home, decorate and return once celebrations are done. This helps prevent the massive annual tree cutting tradition and reduces carbon emissions, which consequently contribute to global warming.

While many people think that recycling used trees into mulch or fastened into a foundation for sand dunes is a good idea, these processes release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere when they are disposed of.

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However, a tree rental firm provides you with the option that lets you rent a tree in a pot and it goes back to the farm until the following holiday season when you can rent it again. Once these trees grow big enough to be put inside the homes, they are planted in the forests. Thus, creating healthy and sustainable Christmas tree practices that have the least impact on the ecosystem.

As the customers are growing aware of this trend, plenty of companies are stepping into the Christmas tree rental business to provide sustainable tree alternatives for the holiday season.

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