Places You Can Rent Christmas Tree in United Kingdom for Sustainable Holidays

Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree seems rather dull. However, axing a live tree in its prime or buying a fake tree can have a tremendous impact on the environment. You will throw out the live tree come January as it will start shedding pine needles and even though you can use your plastic tree for a couple of years, it has to go some time, eventually. Besides, you will be craving for that alluring smell of pine needles instead of artificial ones; the solution – Christmas tree rentals.

Christmas tree rentals have come up as a sustainable alternative to both tree cutting and faux trees. All across the world, many companies are now renting Christmas trees that you can return to the farm once the holiday season is over – an eco-friendly alternative. You can always create your own tree at home from waste materials for a green celebration, but if you want a fresh and green tree, tree rentals are your best bet.

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As the customers are growing aware of this trend, plenty of companies are stepping into the Christmas tree rental business to provide sustainable tree alternatives for the holiday season. Here are the top Christmas tree rentals in the United Kingdom, offering potted trees for green celebrations.

London Christmas Tree Rental, London

Christmas Tree Rentals in United Kingdom - London Christmas Tree Rental, London

Image: Instagram @Londonchristmastreerental

Pioneering the Christmas tree rentals in the United Kingdom, founders Catherine Loveless and Jonathan Mearns started London Christmas Tree Rental because they were fed up with all the discarded Christmas trees lining the streets of the city. Now, their company rents out pot-grown Norway spruce trees, which are later returned after the holiday and the company takes them back to the farm and replants them. Place your order and adopt a tree instead of chopping one down.

Christmas on the Hill, North London

Christmas Tree Rentals in United Kingdom - Christmas on the Hill, North London

Image: Christmas on the Hill

You can rent a living tree from Christmas on the Hill. With a variety of environmentally-friendly pot-grown rental trees, the firm promotes a sustainable holiday trend. The firm also has a tree recycling program alongside its rental service to reduce the number of Christmas trees entering landfills each year. If you are in London for holidays and want a tree, get in touch with the firm to rent a Christmas tree.

Love A Christmas Tree, Leicester

Renting or buying Christmas trees has become an easy task with Leicester-based Love A Christmas Tree. The company rents out Nordmann firs and other trees in varying heights to make your holiday merrier. It picks your rented trees back again during the first half of January and gets replanted at the farm. Keep an eye on the company for sustainable tree picking.

Ali & Joe’s, Bath and Bristol

Christmas Tree Rentals in United Kingdom - Ali & Joe’s, Bath and Bristol

Image: Instagram @aliandjoes_christmas_trees

Ali & Joe’s are providing rental trees to spruce up your holidays. Victoria Park and the Tobacco Factory are renting Christmas trees in Bristol, while Bath residents can theirs at the Beechen Cliff Methodist Church. Varying in prices and heights, these rented trees will be brought back to these farms for replantation, thus lowering their footprint on the environment and allowing you green festivities.

Cotswold Fir, Gloucester

Christmas Tree Rentals in United Kingdom - Cotswold Fir, Gloucester

Image: Instagram @primrosevale

Cotswold Fir in Gloucester rent trees through its ‘Rental Claus’ service that delivers or lets you pick your preferred tree. These pot-grown trees vary in height and prices, and can be returned back to the firm during the first week of January, where they are replanted and nurtured until the next holiday season. You can also rent the same tree next year, depending on your space as it will be bigger by then.

Rental Christmas Tree, Stroud

Christmas Tree Rentals in United Kingdom - Rental Christmas Tree, Stroud

Image: Instagram @rentalchristmastrees

Rental Christmas Tree provides live, beautiful and pot-grown trees for the holidays that are better for the environment and offer a sustainable alternative to traditionally chopped down trees and artificial options. This Gloucester-based farm only sells a potted Norway spruce at different heights and prices. You can return it to the farm for replantation, hence doing your part for the ecosystem.

Festive Tree Hire, Berkshire

Christmas Tree Rentals in United Kingdom - Festive Tree Hire, Berkshire

Image: Festive Tree Hire

Festive Tree Hire offers tree rental services to people around Reading, Berkshire and Surrey. With a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs, the firm delivers your chosen tree to your doorstep and collects it back in January. These trees are then replanted to prevent needless waste and long life for the trees.

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