Piaggio Prepares to Launch New Electric Scooters Tailored for Indian Market

With a rising interest in electric vehicle, be it cars or scooters, more and more automakers are stepping into the game. Given the interest is still in its incessant stage in India, Italian automaker Piaggio has declared its plan to develop new electric scooters that will be designed specifically for the Indian market.

The maker of Vespa and Aprilia scooters, Piaggio has established a customer base for electric three-wheelers in India. Now, it wants to employ its learning around battery swapping and portable batteries for India-specific two-wheelers as well.

As the focus is solely on developing electric scooters, the new model will likely be retailed under Vespa. The e-scooter will feature the latest connectivity qualities of the modern EVs and the price will be likely in the same range as the existing vehicles in the market.

Piaggio to Launch new Electric Scooters for Indian Market

Image: Vespa

Diego Graffi, the managing director of Piaggio India, said that recent players in the EV market are attracting customers on the basis of subsidies. However, he added that the company is planning to establish a sustainable EV base in India, which can thrive even without subsidies.

He said;

It will be something that will be specifically meant for the Indian market. We just don’t want to enter the market for the sake of entering. We will have a powertrain that will be based on our specifications. We do not want to take anything off the shelf. That’s why it’s taking more time.

Anyhow, it is a long wait till the EVs roll out in the market, and the Indian market gets to enjoy the premium scooters from Piaggio. It is expected that it will take around 18-24 months to develop and test these India-specific models. It is most likely to debut in India in 2024.

Presently, the two-wheeler EV market in India consists of several options including Ather 450, Ola S1 series, Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube.

Via: Economic Times

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