Seal Recycled Tires Speaker – Unique eco-friendly musical experience


Eco-conscious minds keep on emphasizing on recycling. They have shown the world amazing stuff that can be created through discarded material.

The Seal Recycled Tires Speakers is one of the unique examples of recycling of lethal waste into something useful. Recycled tires are fitted with speakers, and it looks marvelous match with black shades complimenting the perfect circle. The housing is so perfect that the acoustics and aesthetics have found assistance from it.

The speaker is compatible with Bluetooth and can support your mobile devices like phone of music players. Only 50 such limited pieces are available initially. However, the maker can deliver custom speakers on order in a couple of weeks.

The speaker comes with custom stand. It’s a bit heavy with 11 kg weight but worth it. A single unit is available for US$ 734.


Recycling is a favor to humanity. We have created a lot of mess with artificial stuff that human civilization has come up as their knowledge of science and technical resources are increasing.
Tyre rubber is a tough synthetic stuff that isn’t biodegradable at all. Burning it means lot of toxic emissions that our ecology is not capable of tolerating, at least, not anymore.

Discarded tyres end up in landfills, and now, even the landfills are full of waste. So, the world needs to focus on recycling and re-using waste and try to keep it off landfills.

Via: Japan Trend Shop

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