Australian Brand Makes Stylish Footwear from Recycled Offcuts

Footwear has become an essential part of dressing up rather than a feet-protecting gear. It is not only limited to protecting feet but also associated with fashion and adornment of an individual. However, in this day and age, it is difficult to maintain both style and sustainability.

Fortunately, some brand are making it possible for us to sustain both, one such example is the recently launched Australian brand, named St Sana by Sol Sana. The brand uses recycled offcuts to make a range of trend-conscious shoe designs, maintaining the need for sustainable footwear styling.

Recycled Offcuts Are Used to Make Footwear by an Australian Brand St Sana

Australian brand St Sana uses recycled offcuts to make a stylish range of eco-friendly and trend-conscious footwear designs for customers | Image: Fashion Journal

St Sana is redefining the shoe-wear business by producing new, recycled popular range of stylish sandals, mules, heels and boots created by its parent brand.

A spokesperson for St Sana said;

We understand the individual’s desire to make a conscious effort to be circular, who understands the importance of recyclability while encompassing expression and personality.

The label utilizes recycled polyurethane (PU) leathers and polyesters from the leftovers. The brand also opts to use organic cotton and ultra-resilient fibers like linen that requires less water while cultivating.

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Apparently, many sustainable brands retail at high price points as a result of time and labor-intensive processes. St Sana shoes, on the other hand, are priced between $75 to $170, meaning shoppers can feel good knowing they’re investing in an eco-conscious brand within an affordable price.

The best part is that the brand doesn’t plan to stop any time soon at its current level of circularity. The brand also revealed that it has been working on a recycling program to launch in 2022 to adhere to its commitment to function within a circular economy.

St Sana is indeed one of the responsible footwear brands and we could use more of such fashion brands that will operate in an environmentally friendly way.

Via: Fashion Journal

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