Sustainable Bamboo battery by Jose Gonzalez for project O±O

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The Bamboo O±O project represents a combination of battery and green energy generation system through bicycle pedaling. The battery stores the energy generated while pedaling. The whole cover is made from bamboo and copper. The project also includes a stand with an electric-power assisted bicycle that enables user to pedal. The battery is attached to bike rod and it charges as user pedals. The battery can be housed in stylish covers.

The portable battery can then be detached and carried anywhere. It can supply stored energy to DC powered devices like laptop, gadgets, HiFi, electric guitar etc.

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By encouraging a universal battery, the aim of the project is to reduce the number of batteries consumed by users. The project aims at preaching positive attitude towards energy consuming habits.

Why not? Pedaling can also keep you fit. It’s always a pleasure to know that we are being gentle towards our ecology.

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higher cognitive functions allows human to innovate. Only human kind posses this gift. It is the human who paved way for ecological imbalances because of his innovations, however, the cure lies within the same domain. Electronics can be classified under basic needs of people.

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All smart electronic devices come at a cost – energy consumption. Electronic waste is also filling up landfills.

Batteries, when discarded, are hard to recycle. Batteries release toxics into environment when left in open landfills. We can’t renounce them, but we can adapt to more sustainable practices while manufacturing and usage of stuff like batteries.

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Man need to invent as much sustainable stuff as much he can. Energy crisis, climate change along with enormous other side-effects of rise in average temperature are already looming over our planet.

Human powered battery

Bamboo battery O±O by Jose Gonzalez

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