Switch to Apple iPad and save energy, says EPRI research

Do you exactly know how much electricity your iPad, iPhone, and laptop consume and how much that costs to you annually? A research conducted by Electric Power Research Institute reveals that an iPad consumes 12kwh of electricity annually, which costs $1.36 a year, if you charge your device once every day. That’s too less and even you’ll wonder how come it so. Well, that’s what the analysis shows. According to the research even if we multiply that much energy to three, as the future generation would be buying more of them, even then the energy need could be met with two 250-megawatt power plants with only 50% utilization rate.

That sounds like a good news in case every one try to switch to iPads or other tablets, which consumes less amount of energy as compared to laptops, desktops, and those big screen plasma screens on which they enjoy Gears of Wars. You can save even more if you can shift from your Apple iPad to iPhone. So next time you want to make a mail or run a game to kill time, avoid your laptop and in spite use your iPhone.

However, the analysis of EPRI assumes that next generation iPads are likely to use 65 % more energy than the present models use and also that the assumption is kept flexible as the developments in battery technology play a great role in your charging habits. There was other devices too on which the study was conducted. Have a look at what they found.

 A Plasma 42” television consumes 358 kWh
 Laptop or PC consumes 72.3 kWh of electricity each year and cost $8.31 a year.
 A 60W CFL light bulbs consumes approximately 14 kWh of electricity and cost $1.61 a year
 An Apple iPad consumes 12kw of electricity and costs $1.36 a year
 Apple iPhone 3G consumes 2.2 kWh of electricity each year and costs $.25 annually.

EPRI is a non-profit organization, which involves various researchers and scientists representing 90% of the total energy supplied to United States. EPRI conducts research and development regarding generation, delivery and use of electricity frequently. The motive of the research was to gain information regarding the load requirements, the amount of power needed to operate the devices. Apple iPad was a suitable subject as Apple claims circulation of 67 million devices worldwide. This research would help users understand the effect of their energy usage on grid and if this improves their habits, a great amount of energy can be saved.

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