S.Home refrigerator becomes transparent to save energy

Changhong, a Chinese designer, showed the world his simple way to save energy through his incredibly smart creation- S.Home, a refrigerator that disappear when the user approaches near it. Well, not disappear in literal sense, but the opaque looking glass door becomes transparent when the user approached near to it and allows seeing the contents in the fridge without opening the door. The decorative frame door has been designed from brushed aluminum and interior lighting is used in such a way that it adds to the transparent factor.

Now, you must be thinking how that will save energy. In order to understand that you must know that according to the stats available on Home Energy Magazine, 7% of total energy used in a home is lost through the refrigerator doors, which remains open for minutes while you making your grocery list or trying to count the number of beers you have in stock. The transparent S.Home refrigerator might not be 100 percent fool proof and it can be hard to spot all the contents from outside without opening the door every time, but still it can save a huge amount of energy all over the globe and lessen the burden on grids. Therefore, this transparent refrigerator is a nice idea to save energy with a cool design in your kitchen. Even otherwise, users should always remember that they can save energy by managing their refrigerator activates. The world struggling with energy crisis needs every unit of energy you can save.


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