This woman is curing paralysed dogs with her physiotherapist touch

There are countless people in the country who do their bit for welfare of animals, especially dogs. But, a physiotherapist hailing from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, has gone a distance to care for stray and suffering dogs.

Aaditi Badam, a physiotherapist by profession has given up on her career, in favour of rehabilitation and rescue of injured or abandoned dogs.

Instead of tendering to humans with physical disabilities, Aaditi has chosen to set up POSH Foundation, a non-government organization, to care for animals with physical discomforts and disabilities. To take this further, Aaditi has plans to set up a physiotherapy centre for animals in her state.

At the physiotherapy centre, she and her team would be able to care for paralysed animals in a better and more sophisticated manner. It’ll be a centre where professional expertise of physiotherapists would combine with assistance of superior equipment for betterment of animals.

At her Posh Foundation, Aaditi and team are engaged in everything from ‘rescuing dogs to creating awareness and fighting for their rights.’

Owning to monetary limitations, the Posh had launched a crowdfunding campaign on Milaap, where the non-profit was expecting to raise Rs. 3,86,000.

The campaign was successfully funded, raising Rs. 402,251 through 174 supporters.

The background

It all started back on that day of 2014, when Aaditi came across Julie (named later), a year-old pup that had sustained major spine injuries after being hit by a vehicle. After initial vet visit, which wasn’t really heartening, Aaditi took the poor creature home. She learnt that Julie’s spine wasn’t broken, but only compressed, she tried some physiotherapy on Julie and miraculously the dog responded to the treatment. Within 6 months of treatment, Julie was back on her feet and walking again.

This is when life took a flip turn for Aaditi, and she realized, life-saving therapy could be a solution to so many paralysed and disabled dogs.

Discussing the presently available medical facilities, Aaditi said,

Due to lack of facilities here in our state, 90% of paralysed dogs are either put to sleep or they die due to bed sores and lack of care.

When I found out that it was possible for many such dogs to be able to walk again with physiotherapy, I decided to take it upon myself to make this happen.

She added.

The current scenario

Aaditi has given up on her profession as a physiotherapist for humans, she has been using physiotherapy on animals and the results are incredible to say the least.

At her NGO Posh Foundation, she and her team have found physiotherapy to yield positive changes in animals. It helps decrease pain, in addition to increasing mobility, strength and balance.

At the Posh’s canine rescue and recovery unit ‘Nirvana’ all injured animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, goats are rescued and cared to good health. Posh Foundation also cares for birds, especially Kites that get injured from electricity wires.

The motive of the foundation is to treat stray animals and then enrich their lives by helping them find a home where they can be treated in a way they deserve.

Lack of equipment and facilities makes working with paralysed animals the biggest challenge for Posh. Exactly why they went ahead with a fund raising campaign, for set up a physiotherapy unit. The successful campaign means it’s a big but considerable challenge for the NGO.

The fund accumulated by the NGO can help them build and source resources to better their efforts. We wish them luck!

Via: TheBetterIndia

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