UN Unveils Plans for World’s First Disaster-Resilient Floating City

Have you ever dreamt of living in a floating city? A city with no glitches, which remains unaffected by all the magnitudes of climate change. All this sounds dreamy and wistful at the same time but what if someone tells you that this dream city could turn into a reality soon?

The United Nations seems interested in unveiling this exceptional concept of “floating cities”. The UN-HabitatOCEANIX, and the Busan Metropolitan City in South Korea have come together to develop the world’s first self-sufficient, sustainable floating city. As claimed, the city would offer resilience against climate change disasters.

The world's first floating city immune from disasters_OCEANIX


The obliteration caused by the climate crisis doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, rather natural tragedies like floods and hurricanes are snowballing with time. Until we do not completely resolve the root cause associated with such disasters, an innovation like a floating city can really save the day.

This prototype city will be created using a series of hexagonal platforms. Buoyant limestone’s coating would be applied because it is self-repairable when exposed to an electric current through underwater minerals.

If the technology successfully helps to alleviate the risks then the creation could be re-built worldwide. Other than being climate-change resilient the city would be self-sufficient by producing its own food and water.

Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Maimunah Mohd Sharif said;

Sustainable floating cities are a part of the arsenal of climate adaptation strategies available to us, instead of fighting with water, let us learn to live in harmony with it. We look forward to developing nature-based solutions through the floating city concept, and Busan is the ideal choice to deploy the prototype.

Amina J Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General at the UN tweeted, appreciating the concept;

This dream city is on the verge of emerging as armor in our fight against the growing climate crisis.

Floating city immune from disasters_OCEANIX


UN Unveils Plans for World’s First Self-sufficient Floating city_OCEANIX


UN Unveils Plans for World’s First Self-sufficient Floating city_OCEANIX



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