Water Crisis to Haunt India in Next Decade Owing to Growing Consumption

Water scarcity in india

In next 10 years India is likely to face sever water scarcity, according to a reply to a question in Loke Sabha by Minister of State for Water Resources, Sanwar Lal Jat.

The conclusion was drawn by consulting firm ‘Everything About Water’(EA). The firm concluded that the demand for water in India is expected to exceed supply from available resources by the year 2025.

Presently, the average annual water availability for India is assessed at 1,869 billion cubic meters, however, the utilizable water is estimated to be about 1,123 due to topographical, hydrological, and other constraints.

It’s a bad news for majority of poverty stricken Indian population as the nation is not ready yet to attend to this crisis. The country is struggling to control pollution and corresponding changes in climate. The water treatment facilities are almost negligible. The river water is highly contaminated due to industrial discharge of chemical waste, open sewage disposal into rivers like Ganges, and other human factors.

It’s time that India must begin to create awareness regarding the conservation of water resources and discourage wastage. Rainwater harvesting is another method that must be introduced and regularized. Indian government needs to be sincere to avert this crisis.

Via: The Hindu

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