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3D printed solar-powered home and hybrid electric vehicle power each other wirelessly

Working with industrial partners, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has experimented with what they are calling as ‘additive manufacturing integrated energy’ (AMIE). The project included a 3D printed, two-seater, natural gas-powered hybrid electric vehicle and a solar-powered building. The 38x12x13-foot building is 3D printed, and was designed

Apple’s electric car to arrive in market by 2019: WSJ

Apple’s electric car might arrive by 2019, as per new report by the Wall Street Journal. WSJ informs that Apple’s team, working on a project codenamed ‘Titan’, has been upgraded to 1,800 employees from 600 previously. The information, according to WSJ, came from its secret

Porsche’s Mission E electric concept revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show

Electric vehicles shined during the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is held every two-years in Germany. The auto show hardly needs an introduction, it makes for a perfect platform for luxury car makers to announce their new models to the world. This year, luxury and electric cars dominated the