11 new lion cubs born in Gir wildlife sanctuary after 13 died in flash floods (Video)

gir lion cubs

Flash floods in Saurastra region had killed 13 endangered Asiatic lions last month. Many other are still suffering from weak health.It was a huge loss as there are only 500 Asiatic lions left in their last remaining sanctuary in the world.

However, now a video appeared showing new born lion cubs at Gir wildlife sanctuary. According to the official report, four lionesses gave birth to 11 cubs. Forest officials celebrated the entry of new members. Some of them believed, nature gave back what it had taken from Gir forests.

However, the death of a dozen of lions has again raised a big question on the stubbornness of PM Narendar Modi as he neglected the directions of the Supreme Court regarding the relocation of endangered lions outside their last remaining habitat to ensure their survival. Gujarat is home state of the Indian PM and lions are regarded as the symbol of pride for the state.

In 2013, Supreme Court ruled that some of the lions should be moved to Kuno sanctuary in MP. But nobody cares when politics of symbols is booming in India. Before being elected as the new PM of India, Modi served as the chief minister of Gujrat for over a decade. He embraced the lion motif in his career. Taped roars of lions were played during his entry on stage in rallies. He chose lion as the mascot of his “Make In India” campaign.

The government is also mulling on changing the national animal of India – Gir lion in place of tiger. Tiger was declared the national animal of India by then PM of India Indira Gandhi. However, present government is playing a big game on psychological level. The symbols established by previous government are being erased from minds and new ones are being suggested.

Indian politics is, perhaps, the ugliest in human civilization. The politicians have spared no man, religion, cast, class, sentiments or even animals. Everything is expandable in politics. No big deal, these last 500 Asiatic lions will go extinct very soon because they weren’t allowed to be relocated for better survival chances.

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