20 Coolest Recycled Bicycle Chain Creations Ever Made

I for one believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and these recycled bicycle chain creations here just suggest the same. The recycled bicycle chain innovations prove that trash bike chains aren’t waste, they can be used in an innovative idea for something better. The broken bike chains can be granted a death sentence but these in the hands of an artist can get another life.

So, just hit the jump to see twenty of the best recycled bicycle chain creations and then decide whether you’d like to wear a bike chain made belt buckle or would like to deck up your home with a chandelier made from recycled bicycle chains?

Recycled Bicycle Chain Bowl made by Resource Revival

Cog & Chain Bottle Opener from ivy & em upcycle workshop

Scorpion – Garden Art Sculpture by Richard Kolb of Yard Birds

Recycled bike cassette gear clock

Bicycle Chain Lizard by Daren Greenhow

Clocks made from bicycle chains

Harley Davidson motorcycle wheels made from bike chains

Dystopia- Bacteria are us by Young-Deok Seo

Bikezilla measures 16-inches head to toe and 22-inches nose to tail

Recycled bike chain coat hooks

Rocker chair made with recycled bicycle parts

Chandeliers made from bike chain by Carolina Fontoura

Recycled bicycle chain box

Recycled bike chain belt buckle

B-chain Lamp by designer Cho Hyung-suk

Outdoor Chandelier Lighting

Bike chain ring coffee table by Del Cruiser

Bike chain photo frame by Resource Revival

Bike chain tea light holders

Bracelets made from bicycle chain

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