A heart-touching survival story of an almost dead dog

Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid Unlimited, a Rajasthan-based animal rescue group, saw a dog by roadside. It was nothing more than a hairless mass of meat, covered with open wounds all over his body. He was heading toward the end of a miserable life.

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-gif-4The posture and body-language of the dog clearly showed that it had given up all hope, and was waiting for liberation from sufferings.

dog survival story

The members of the group couldn’t leave the dog in pain, trapped him with a net, and brought him to the shelter for treatment. He was suffering from mange. At shelter, the volunteers tried to lure him for some biscuits, but did not respond to it initially. He just curled up again in a corner, lying motionless as if pain had annihilate his desire to eat or live. His wounds were not just external but internal as well.

Rajsthan dog shelter

Affection was an alien experience for him. He wasn’t touched or loved by anyone for so long that he had given all hopes to receive affection or love again. Maybe his skin was too dead to feel a touch.

amazing animal rescue story

Still, the rescuer believed that he could be healed. They put him on IV to hydrate him and medicated him for 10 days before the skin was healed. The rescuers bathed him and applied soothing ointment. Now, the dog was able to stand and feel the touch.

Dog suffering with mange

After two months, a miraculous transformation could be witnessed. The dog is covered in fur again and is responding more enthusiastically to affectionate rescuers. The dog has recovered almost completely but reminiscent of sadness and suffering can still be seen in his eyes; but not for long,we hope.


Finally, the video posted by the rescuer group showed the dog with his head laid on a volunteer’s lap, and enjoying caressing touch. He is reborn after going through hellish sufferings.

With medication, the group healed the external wounds, but more than that, their love healed him from inside. Animal Aid Unlimited did an incredible job here. For those who are moved after going through this story can appreciate the Animal Aid Unlimited by donating.

Images: The Dodo

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