Australia to Launch Electric Airplanes, Dawning a New Electric Era

Electric vehicles are the need of the hour as the technology is effectively used to reduce the carbon footprint levels from the environment. Alongside, an electric vehicle is a more sustainable and greener solution for the rising vehicular pollution. Nowadays, people are actively choosing EVs over fuel engine-powered vehicles, even airplanes, and this can be a game-changer in our battle against climate change.

Airplanes majorly contribute to air pollution and in order to tackle this deep-rooted problem, Australia has come up with the solution of electric airplanes. The country is set to launch the world’s first all-electric, zero-emission airline. The flights will begin with short routes within Australia.

Electric Airplanes Are Starting To Take Off In Australia

Image: Harbour Air

Aaron Shaw, chief executive of Sydney Seaplanes, said;

Combined with our commitment to use solar technology in our charging facilities, this puts us in a very strong position to become the world’s first fully-electric nil-emissions airline, subject to the speed of regulatory approvals.

Sydney Seaplanes is joining hands with aircraft engine-maker magniX to make this electric flight commercially feasible. Electric aircraft will revolutionize the economic dynamics of travelling. The technology would considerably cut the carbon emissions from the atmosphere. With this new advancement, supposedly a glimpse of the electric era will also begin.  

Shaw further mentioned that the idea of introducing electric airplanes would greatly favor the environment with zero travel emissions and their range will subsequently increase with time. Among its numerous benefits, a reduction in noise pollution would not only soothe the passengers but will also benefit the other flying creatures. According to Shaw, electric aircraft engines can fly thrice the time than an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

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Globally, many countries are investing in electric airplane technology since EVs are going to overrule almost every mode of transportation in the coming future. We need more such advancements that would direct us towards development without harming the environment.

Via: Clean Technica

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