Bloon Balloon for zero emission near space travel

Space travel will be soon the new destination for the wealthy who want some leisure trip. Not only expensive, but a single trip creates question about the carbon footprint it will generate. Zero2Infinity seems to be worried about the same and proposes near space travel with Helium filled Bloon Balloon concept. The balloon produces no emissions, no noise pollution, but just a green ride. Bloom Balloon is a simple concept with a pod for passengers attached to the balloon, which is the only source for the push. The pod can carry four passengers along with two pilots.

It has navigation system and emergency landing gear. During landing, a parafoil opens and airbags below the pod comes out to absorb the shock on when the balloon touches the ground. Prototype has already been tested earlier and was able to touch 33 km altitude. If you have any desire for space travel, then you should save as much as you can, because you might get a chance to go for lower space travel around 2015. What bothers, is the price, approximately 160,000 USD per person. Can’t afford that? Then weigh for more 20 years, it will get cheap.


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