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From cars to Cows

Miina Akkijyrkka was born on July 2, 1949 in Finland and is a Finnish sculptor. She is also a protector of native Finnish cattle breed “Finncattle” that is often kept for dairy production. Miina Akkijyrkka is big fan of cows and that motivated her sculpture

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In-shoe energy dissipated from walking to power up mobiles!

The best thing about energy dissipation is that it happens all around us but only a few can underline its importance and harness it into something more useful. The latest innovation by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering researchers, Tom Krupenkin and J. Ashley Taylor is an

Coolest Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

This Wooden camera Iphone 4 case looks simply awesome piece of art that will make clicking photos from your iPhone a cooler business. Natural strength of walnut and bamboo is blended with the hi-fi iPhone. Laser engraved design create illusion of a real camera for

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Seatropolis – A self-sufficient futuristic habitat concept

Seatropolis concept is all about a habitat on the waters when the earth is overcrowded or covered in water due to global warming. One of the biggest threats is that as the temperature will go up, snowcaps will start melting and likely to cover most

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New Taipei City Museum of Art – A sustainable proposal from OODA

Portuguese architect OODA has won a merit award for their design for ‘new Taipei city museum of art international competition. The competition seeking to build a world-class museum which should be modern and includes visionary ideas and planning. The structure is mentionable for both, aesthetics

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FPM GAP Academy: A self-sufficient complex from I|K Studio

I|K Studio has planned a masterplan for a self-sufficient complex named FPM GAP Academy. 50 hectare of area includes designs for harvesting sun and wind power along with retaining water, and biofuel orchards. Ascending plateau divides the campus into academics, farms, from low-cost student, faculty