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329 Tigers Died in India in 3 Years, 29 Lost to Poaching

India Accounts 329 Tiger Deaths in 3 Years, 29 Lost to Poaching

The tiger is a critically endangered species with its numbers rapidly declining. As per the 2018 tiger census, India is home to an estimated tiger population of 2,967 individuals. However, recent data presented by the government reveals has documented 329 tiger deaths in India in the

Audubon Photography Awards 2022_

Winners of the Biggest Avian Photography Contest of the Year

Avian species are extremely fascinating with their colorful plumage and rarely documented behavioral traits. Wildlife photography is a medium that efficiently captured the beauty of various birds in unique moments. One such contest is the Audubon Photography Awards, now in its 13th edition, which enthralls

India Will Become Home to Cheetahs Again After 70 Years of Extinction

India Will Become Home to Wild Cheetahs Once Again

India and Namibia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bring wild cheetahs to their former habitat. The wild cats will be reintroduced to the forests of the South Asian country for the first time since 1952. As per the agreement, eight African cheetahs

Migratory Monarch Butterflies Close to Extinction, Enters IUCN Red List

Migratory Monarch Butterflies are Going to Disappear Into Oblivion

If you have seen the migratory monarch butterflies, you know that they boast beautiful bright orange and spotted wings. They look stunning flying over the bright flowers during the summer and autumn seasons.  Unfortunately, these colorful butterflies are now closer to extinction. The International Union