Chewing gum bins to be introduced in the streets of Cardiff city

Gumdrops:chewing gum bins

Most of us love to chew our favorite flavored chewing gums all day long but the mess made by used gum in the streets after we spit them is a pretty ugly sight to watch. However if you are in Cardiff, United Kingdom then you don’t have to throw the used chewing gums anywhere on the street instead you can use the recently introduced chewing gum bins placed at different locations in the city.

The project is funded by Wrigley Company, a popular chewing gum manufacturer in partnership with Cardiff council and Keep Wales Tidy to keep the streets of the city free from littered gums. According to authorities, the stains from chewing gums create a bad impression in the city and are also expensive to remove, that’s why the waste has been targeted in a zero-tolerance campaign.

A total of 100 chewing gum bins dubbed as Gumdrops will be placed for an initial stage of six months with majority of them in the city centre. New bins will be produced by recycling the used chewing gums collected in the gum bins. Hopefully, the idea of Gumdrops will create awareness in people and instead of littering the streets they better make good use of these gum bins.


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