Delhi’s Air Quality Turns Dangerously ‘Severe’ Post-Diwali

Despite a ban on firecracker bursting, people in Delhi celebrated the festival of Diwali with fireworks late into the night, contributing to pollution levels of the city. Following the festival, the air quality of the city dipped to “severe” category on the Air Quality Index (AQI).

The city is already the world’s most polluted capital with vehicular and industrial pollution, dust and weather patterns turning its air toxic. Moreover, the air turns particularly bad in winters when farmers in neighboring states indulge in stubble burning.

According to the data from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the AQI of Delhi was 444 on November 5 at 6 am, which worsened to 451 by 8 am. The AQI of the city was 382 on November 4 at 4 pm. The officials expect the air quality to improve by November 7.

Delhi’s Air Quality Turns Toxically ‘Severe’ Post-Diwali

The air quality of Indian national capital Delhi turns toxically severe a day after people celebrated Diwali by bursting firecrackers | Image: Reuters

Prior to Diwali, the government had prohibited the sale and bursting of firecrackers in order to keep air pollution in check. Alas, the ban did nothing to deter the city residents. Consequently, a thick layer of smog blanketed the city today and people complained of itchy throats and watery eyes.

While some people argue that Diwali fireworks are an intrinsic part of the celebration, many argue that the incessant spate of fireworks deteriorates the air that is already infused with pollutants.

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Many took to social media to criticize the practice of bursting firecrackers, which is a recent addition to the festival of lights.

But there were many people who were not happy about the ban and voiced their thought as well, regardless of how idiotic and irresponsible they were, thinking it an attack on their religion and faith. According to them, environmental health is not important as long as they can turn everything into a political agenda.

Via: The Hindu

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