Dell to Recycle Old Electronics to Reduce E-Waste Progression

E-waste is rising at a rapid pace and has become one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the earth. Electronic wastes have many adverse effects on the ecosystem, more than one can imagine, as it comprises of harmful chemicals like mercury, lead, beryllium, etc.

In today’s time where everyone keeps grouching about every single problem instead of looking into its solutions, Dell took an amazing initiative of recycling old electronics for free. The best part is that they claim to recycle almost every electronic item of any company including computers, laptops, etc.

Dell to Recycle Old Electronics to Reduce E-waste’s Progression

Image: Dell

The procedure to join the recycling campaign is quite simple. One needs to visit Dell’s official website to generate a shipping label by entering details about the electronics. Thereafter, cover it within a box and drop the labeled box at the nearby FedEx mailing center.

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Dell is quite open about the fact that they won’t be recycling these electronics all alone and they are looking for like-minded people to join them.

In an interview, Dell’s head of sustainability, Page Motes said;

A lot of this we feel like we’ve got to do locking arms with other like-minded organizations. Dell can’t do it alone, we would be far too arrogant to think we could.

It is indeed a great initiative by Dell of turning trash into treasure.

Dell to Recycle Old Electronics to Reduce E-waste’s Progression

Image: Tuck School of Business

Via: PC Gamer

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