E-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking tobacco, smokers at higher risk of stroke

There is a common notion that e-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco cigarettes. Actually, this is just a myth! Vaping is not safer than tobacco smoking, instead it may pose higher risk for stroke severity.

In a study conducted on mice and presented at the International Stroke Conference 2017 (at American Heart Association), electronic cigarettes or vaping poses almost the same or even higher risk of stroke than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Over the years, there has been a consistent rise in vaping takers. But the use of e-cigarettes has shown growing health concerns in smokers and even non-smokers.

Researchers have therefore demanded rigorous studies to investigate the ill effects of e-cigarettes on the brain.

According to the recently concluded study, mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor for 10 or 30 days showed more severe nerve damage and stroke systems than those exposed to traditional tobacco smokes.

Study found, e-cig exposure decreases body’s ability to uptake Glucose. Glucose is considered essential for fueling brain activity.

30-day exposure to both e-cigarettes and tobacco reduced Thrombomodulin (enzyme responsible for blood clotting), which increased chances of stroke and increased damage to the brain.

This is not the first time a research team has revealed e-cigarettes as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Researchers at the University of California found e-cig vapors to damage DNA in ways that it could lead to cancer.

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