‘Elephant Gangsta Group’ irritated by motorcycle noise roughened up rider, make him beg for mercy

angry elephant attack

Conflict between humans and animals is taking a scary form as wild animals are responding violently to human invasion into their habitat. This moped rider was on his way through the national park of Khao Yai, third largest in Thailand (300 sq km ) that comprises of evergreen forests and grasslands, when he irritated some wild elephants grazing nearby.

The elephants swarmed like a ‘gangsta group’ that has caught an invader in their territory. The gang didn’t damage the bike or touched the man, but they seem to have roughened up him. The video was captured by dashboard camera on a car.

angry elephant attack 2

Such incidents strongly suggest putting limitation on traffic in wildlife reserves and avoid clearing forest to make roads to facilitate safaris. The traffic not only put human lives on risk, but also that of animals, who are often hit by vehicles and succumbs to injuries.

angry elephant attack 4 angry elephant attack 3 angry elephant attack  5

Images: Daily Mail

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