India’s 90,000 kms NH to have roses and green corridors, says Gadkari

Green Corridor along Indian NH
Under rising pressure from European Nations and environmental activists and domestic and global green organizations,the Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari announced a plan to convert 90,000 kms of National Highway length into green corridors across the country. It’ll be achieved by extensive campaigning and financing for fresh plantation.

India’s haphazard announcements regarding sky high renewable energy targets have attracted global energy firms towards Indian market. Most of these announcements are coming after Delhi –the capital of India- was ranked number one in the list of world’s most polluted places. Also, 13 out of 20 most polluted cities were Indian.

Now, under the new policy, according to Nitin Gadkari, one percent of the road construction cost will go towards planting trees. Over 1,000 contractors will be granted tenders to accomplish this target. These contractors will have to establish their own nurseries to ensure the availability of new trees for fresh plantation.

The minister further added that the estimated cost of road construction is about Rs 1 lakh crore. Now, out of this sum, 1,000 crore will be invested in tree plantation.

The plan also includes comprehensive strategy regarding the suitability of soil for any particular kind of tree being planted in various regions. For example, Alphanso is quite popular in Maharastra, therefore, it makes sense to plant more of these trees here. Similarly, tarmarind suits for Chattisgarh. The government is planning to import Canadian technology for transplantation.

The minister also claimed rows of beautiful roses between the road lengths. Gadkari also expressed his concern for feeling of trees.

Even after about 70 years of Independence, Indian governments have failed to provide basic transportation facilities to many remote regions of Indian states. So, it sounds impractical to make such promises.

Anyway, the minister expects that the policy will boost employment and assist in economic growth of the country.

India has the second largest road network in the world with total length of over 33 lakh kms. Out of this length, 92,851 kms cover National Highways across India. Although, it just 1.7 percent of the total length, NHs in India carries heavy load of traffic everyday.

Indian politicians are well known for their populist politics and hollow promises which are mostly made through such announcements. On the other hand, Indian population is highly deficient in knowledge regarding environmental concerns or awareness. Considering the present level of awareness and capacity of Indian government, it’s really hard to believe in any such announcement.

Moreover, the Prime Minister of India has already made it clear that Indian government doesn’t care much about carbon footprint or any declaration regarding the emission reduction targets as long as Indian economy is growing.

Via: Business Standard

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